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Macromedia technology

Kivial uses the most modern technologies to give the website a pleasant look: among these, Macromedia Flash for creating websites with high visual impact, animated, or enriched with sound effects and music. Special attention is also paid to the 'load' of the on-line animation, so that the website or the company presentation is made promptly accessible, and long waiting times are avoided.

Purchase of a domain name

In order to prove the bad faith of a third party, which has registered a domain name infringing a trademark of a client, or to solve a controversy extrajudicially, Kivial contacts the third party trying to acquire the domain name on its client’s behalf.
A few days ago the Community regulations related to the .EU domain names were published. The registration of these domain names is reserved to companies and individuals residing in the European Union. The claims to a trademark...

Statistics on the visited websites, provenance of the visits, and search keys used by visitors of the website who are directed thereto from search engines, are released daily by our servers on pages of the client’s website with restricted access.
Searches aimed at tracing the possible existence of domains. Registration of domain names under any possibile extension.
Complete management of domain packs. Recovery procedures of domain names.
Website hosting, electronic mail domains. Housing.
Creation of Websites in HTML, PHP and Macromedia Flash technology
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