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Listing in the main
search engines

This service, which is performed using purpose-made software and the most up-to-date listing techniques, allows your website to be registered and consequently included in the main search engines, besides making it traceable.

The service is structured as follows:

Analysis of the current website, in order to give advice for optimizing the pages and ranking a prominent position in the search engines. The advice is based on a research carried out among thousands of websites ranking the first positions and also on comparisons with websites competitors with identical key-words or key-sentences.
Re-organization and processing of the website files, in order to facilitate the listing of the website and make it effective.
Inclusion, using a purpose-made software and according to the agreed key-words and key-sentences, up to the total maximum of 10. The inclusion will be carried out with the most appropriate frequency, so as to comply with the policy of the single search engines.
Assessment of the position ranked in the main search engines and preparation of reports. These reports will be provided on a monthly basis so as to allow you to monitor the position ranked in the single search engines.

Kivial searches a client’s domain name under all the 243 worldwide extensions and among all the available domain names that contain the client’s trademark or any key-word referable thereto.
Thanks to new and liberalized regulations, which have been recently approved, it has been made possible also for businesses with no offices in that country to register domain names with a Chinese extension...
Management of dynamic sites

Besides creating traditional websites, Kivial offers dynamic websites, connected to databases which can be updated in real time, in order to present an always up-to-date website and handle a huge volume of products.
Searches aimed at tracing the possible existence of domains. Registration of domain names under any possibile extension.
Complete management of domain packs. Recovery procedures of domain names.
Website hosting, electronic mail domains. Housing.
Creation of Websites in HTML, PHP and Macromedia Flash technology
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