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.CN domain

The entry of China in the WTO (Worldwide Trade Organization) confirms that the Chinese economy is taking great steps towards its opening to the international market and is emerging as one of the most profitable markets worldwide.

Thanks to new and liberalized regulations, which have been recently approved, it has been made possible also for businesses with no offices in that country to register domain names with a Chinese extension. These regulations thus allow to register your names of choice with .CN extension and/or sub-extensions such as .COM.CN, .NET.CN and .ORG.CN.

In this way, the protection of your distinctive signs as .CN domain names becomes an opportunity that companies should take to make their products or services known to a market with more than a billion customers, also as an attempt to control the widespread phenomenon of infringement.

As applies for the other extensions, the registration of domain names with .CN extension is also based on the ‘first come, first served’ rule: the first business that applies for registration of a specific domain name has priority over any other request for the same domain name.

For this reason, we recommend that you start registering your domain names of interest under that extension as soon as possible.

In any case, we recommend that you inform us of your interest in any of the foregoing by contacting us promptly.

Domain name audit

Kivial assists its clients in the reconstruction of their company’s domain name asset, when the latter is fragmented and difficult to control due to registrations made by different individuals and using different bodies.
A few days ago the Community regulations related to the .EU domain names were published. The registration of these domain names is reserved to companies and individuals residing in the European Union. The claims to a trademark...

Kivial offers this service to companies that wish to constantly monitor the use of their trademarks on-line and, in agreement with the client, an image of the domain name of interest under all the possible worlwide extensions is provided at regular intervals.
Searches aimed at tracing the possible existence of domains. Registration of domain names under any possibile extension.
Complete management of domain packs. Recovery procedures of domain names.
Website hosting, electronic mail domains. Housing.
Creation of Websites in HTML, PHP and Macromedia Flash technology
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